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This website is for older women looking to date younger guys.
Be warned – it’s an adult dating website!
But there’s no point in being coy is there? If you’re looking for casual fun with a younger guy this is where you’ll find it.

...and for younger guys looking for older women!

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Older Women Dating Younger Guys

Let's face it – you're an experienced woman. You know what to do. You know how to treat a guy. But it's not that easy to meet someone. Especially someone who'll appreciate what you've got to offer.

Dating younger guys is a great way to meet fresh, vigorous and enthusiastic guys who might need to be shown the ropes!

Younger Guys Dating Older Women

Dating older women can be fun. The women on Older for Younger have joined for a reason. They're looking for adult relationships with younger guys.

Discover a whole new world. Experienced and ready to give you the benefit of that experience, we have thousands of members all over the UK.

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